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Advanced Research.

Research accuracy and unyielding integrity.

Mission Statement

Advanced Research Institute of Miami focuses on Clinical Research in order to enhance quality of life for patients of all ages. We conduct business with extreme attention to detail to ensure protocol compliance, accuracy, patient safety and unyielding integrity.

Company Overview

Founded in 2004, Advanced Research Institute of Miami has been in business for over 13 years and has a spotless track record with sponsors as well as regulatory agencies.  We have successfully completed more than 40 studies in a broad range of therapeutic areas while being recognized by several sponsors as one of the top enrollment sites in the nation.  This is achieved through our extensive network of healthcare providers throughout South Florida.


We partner with physicians in various specialty areas who have extensive research experience and work with a knowledgeable and dedicated research staff.  This gives us the unique ability to conduct studies in a diverse range of therapeutic areas.  For a better understanding of our research capabilities please visit our list of completed clinical trials.

Patient Requirement

Each medical trial has its own set of requirements for potential patients. These requirements are found in the inclusion and exclusion criteria for which each patient should meet before qualification is complete. Pre-qualifying is a requisite which ensures that all patients sent to our Institute for screening have the correct criteria according to the study protocol. Please contact us to find out if you qualify for any of our current studies.  An informed consent must be thoroughly understood and signed before any study procedures are conducted.

Medical Trials

Advanced Research Institute of Miami FL conducts professional medical studies following the highest standards of quality and patient satisfaction.


  • Cardiology Trial.

  • Trials related to Family Practice.

  • Psychiatry Trial

  • Podiatry Trial.

  • Pulmonology Trial.

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